Paul: Music Video Monday

…Blake Babies – Out There (1990)

Dude, we really just chopped off our hair for our stupid-ass video!

Perhaps it’s my (young) age, but I never knew that Juliana Hatfield had this whole other band prior to her 15 minutes around the time of “Reality Bites” and “My So Called Life”. My overall feelings about her music are pretty ambivalent, but I was stoked to find this gem. It’s a pretty mediocre song instrumentally, but I suppose it’s catchy enough. It’s a great video, but the way they dance makes me want to slap them! Also, I am pretty sure the whole crayon thing around 2:03 is an LSD reference. Check it out!

to learn more about Juliana Hatfield, check out my previous post about her. It features another excellent video.

also, I’d like to insert audio commentary into music videos for future posts, does anyone know how this is done? we have a microphone, any ideas will be greatly appreciated.


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